Board of Directors

President of the Board:             Susan  Berman 
Treasurer:                                    Susan Berman
Secretary:                                    Karen Rhodes
Member:                                       Sonia Sotomayor 
Executive Director             Carolyn Robertson

NYDP Outreach

NYDP has been actively fulfilling its mission for almost two decades. Over the years, we have sponsored educational programs for people with diabetes, published several newsletters, and most recently we have formally sponsored the Strong On Insulin Group

The Strong on Insulin Group (SOIG) is an informal social network created for adults with Type 1 diabetes. SOIG became a reality in 2010 to serve the Type 1 population in Los Angeles. It has since been expanded and now is available to any one with Type 1 Diabetes regardless of where they live. Its goal is to provide opportunities for individuals with Type 1 Diabetes and their significant others that would foster networks, enable people to learn more about living with diabetes, facilitate an understanding of the current research in the field, and expose people with T1DM to new technologies using non-traditional or less traditional strategies.

SOIG meetings have been held in public areas (libraries and other non-medical meeting spaces) and attendance is free. The format is informal with lots of opportunity for the attendees to mingle, talk and share stories. There is often a topic for the program but discussions are not limited to that topic. Guest speakers are utilized at times, and other times the evening only has a moderator.  In 2019, SOIG opened its second chapter in the New York  metropolitan region. 
Since COVID in 2020, SOIG began using virtual networks. This has allowed a much broader reach and attendees hail from Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia and Israel. 

WHO: To become a member, you need to have Type 1 diabetes or be someone who is a part of the Type 1 support network. Just let us know that you want to join the group. 

SOIG is an open group. Individuals with Type 1 diabetes (and members of their support network) can join regardless of where they live or what diabetes team they work with.

WHY: The mission of the group is to encourage connections. The group brings together adults with Type 1 diabetes and individuals from their support network in a relaxed and comfortable setting.  We provide an environment where people can share their experiences, obtain more information about living with diabetes, learn about new products and technologies, learn about new findings, new research and just have fun.
WHERE: Meetings are now occurring virtually using social media platforms such as ZOOM. Before Covid-19, face-to-face gatherings were held in the New York City area and the Los Angeles City area.  In person meetings range in size from 30 to 150 people. They tend to be very interactive and people often do not want to end the meetings.
WHEN : SOIG meetings occur several times per year.  The dates, times and meeting places do change. An email notice is sent to members before each event providing the details. Newsletters are distributed several times per year.
HOW:   There are no fees or membership dues. The group receives its funding from the nonprofit “New York Diabetes Program, Inc."
However, we would be honored if you would contribute to the effort. You can make a tax deductible donation to the New York Diabetes Program, Inc. 

Your generous donation would enable us to continue to meet the needs of individuals with Type 1 diabetes. Any donation would be greatly appreciated. Contact Carolyn Robertson for more information at:  

Comments from our members
“Thank you again for a wonderful seminar.  I have been a type 1 for 35 years and I continue to learn so much from these meetings.”
"Thank you so much! I had no idea! This is very valuable and helpful information. There is always something new to learn.  Thanks again."

"Thank you so much for last night's group about insulin and exercise. So much helpful info." 

"Thanks so much for the newsletter.  It's great - and I am forwarding it to people I know will find it useful."

   SOIG Library  


The New York Diabetes Program, Inc. publishes several newsletters a year. Here are the newsletters from the past few years. 

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 1, No. 1
Main article - Exercise and Glucose Control                                 

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 1, No. 2
Main Article - The Key to Success: Recognizing the Patterns

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 1, No. 3
Main Article - Preventing Heart Disease

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 2, No. 1
Main Articles - Keeping Healthy; Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Following the Trends

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 2, No. 2

Main Article- Emergency Preparedness

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 2, No. 3
Main Articles - Covid-19 , Immunizations in Adults


Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 3, No. 1
Main Articles - Covid -19 Update (Monoclonal Antibody Infusions) ; Insulin Resource Guide

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 3, No. 2
Main Articles - CDC Guidelines for Travel; Traveling Notes if taking Insulin

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 3, No. 3
Main Articles - CDC Guidelines for Booster Vaccinations; Evaluating On-line information; Trusted Sources of Vaccine Information.                      

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 4, No. 1
Main Articles - Sick Day Guidelines, Diabetes Technologies (Smart pens, Glucagon and Automated Insulin Pumps), Covid-19 in 2022 (Antiviral medications and Monoclonal Antibody Infusions)

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 4, No. 2
Main Articles : It's Spring , Exercise and Type 1 Diabetes

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 4, No. 3
Main Articles : The Human Trial, Insulin and the Subcutaneous Tissue, CDC Guidelines for Boosters

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 4, No. 4
Main Articles: Holiday Survival Guide, Changing Doses to Succeed

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 5, No. 1
Main Articles: What is Off Label Prescribing, Off Label Drugs Used in Type 1 Diabetes, What is Next?

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 5, No. 2
Main Articles: Type One Exchange, Strike the Spike                                         

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 6, No. 1

Main Articles: Happy New Year !!, The Basics of Type One Diabetes: It is not just an insulin deficiency !


Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 6, No. 2

Main Articles: Insulin is not a Cure, The Basics of Bolus Insulin

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 6, No. 3
Main Articles: Understanding Clinical Trials

Strong On Insulin - Making Strides Volume 6, No. 4
Main Articles: It's Time to Stop Heart Disease

Email updates

2/9/2021  Covid-19 Vaccine available in New York State


2/12/2021 Covid-19 Vaccine eligibility for California

12/5/2021  A cure for Type 1 Diabetes ? 

11/19/2022  First in class medication to delay Type 1 Diabetes
8/15/2023   Clinical Trial for T1DM over 60yrs.
10/10/2023  Fall Message from the NYDP President

12/21/2023  End of the Year Message

2/5/2024  Levemir is being discontinued.

Educational Presentations (recorded live on Zoom)


                                             Covid 19 and Diabetes

                                              Presented March 2020

Diabetes Management During a Disaster
Presented April 2020

Exercising With Type 1 Diabetes   
Presented June 2020

Blood Sugar Spikes: The Why and How To Manage Them
Presented August 2020

Time in Range and Update Covid-19

Presented December 2020


Balanced Eating for Balanced Blood Sugar Levels & Covid-19 Update
Presented January 2021

Understanding and Managing the Emotional Burden of Type One Diabetes

Presented April 2021

Today and Tomorrow in Diabetes Technologies and More 
Presented August 2022

Tandem Control IQ - How to Increase Time in Range 

Presented October 2022

Insulet Omnipod 5 - How to Increase Time in Range

Presented October 2022

It is Time to Strike the Highs!

Presented June 2023

Dialogue for people who manage their diabetes with insulin injections
Presented January 2024

Lipids, Diabetes and CVD
Presented May 2024

Contact Information

Carolyn Robertson is the Executive Director of the New York Diabetes Program,Inc. Carolyn is an advanced practice nurse (Clinical Nurse Specialist - Board Certified) and the founder of Customized Diabetes Education. She is passionate about helping people to live and thrive with diabetes.  She coordinates the activities of the New York Diabetes Program, Inc. and spearheads the activities of the Strong On Insulin Group. 

To learn more about either the New York Diabetes Program, Inc.  or the Strong On Insulin Group, please contact Carolyn Robertson via email:                       

Our Mailing Address is: 
New York Diabetes Program, Inc.
163 Amsterdam Ave. #1244
New York, NY 10023

Tax-Deductible Donations

We would be honored if you would like to support the efforts of the New York Diabetes Program, Inc. and the Strong on Insulin Group.  All newsletters, seminars and program are offered at no cost to the attendees. Your tax-deductible donation would help assure that we can continue to offer high quality, sensitive and comprehensive information, and provide support to our community. 


                   For more information,  please contact Carolyn Robertson via email: 

or via traditional mail to 

Carolyn Robertson
New York Diabetes Program, Inc.
163 Amsterdam Ave. # 1244
New York, NY 10023

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